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Your environment is a direct reflection of your life – good and bad.  So when you want your life to go in a particular direction it is vital that your environment reflect what it is you want.  Using the ancient practice of Feng Shui it is possible to balance and harmonize your environment to help you create the life you dream of living.

Darlene Law was in the first graduating class of Feng Shui studies of Mount Royal College (now Mount Royal University) in 2005.  Darlene has expanded her knowledge through additional studies with Dr. Debra Ford (In The Feng Shui Zone), David Kennedy (Feng Shui For Dummies) and Karen Rauch Carter (Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life) along with extensive reading and an active hands on practice.  

Darlene specializes in Space Clearing, Space Optimization and Assessments, Dowsing, and Clutter Clearing.  She also offers a range of workshops dealing with energy, which she calls “The Energy of…” Series.  Workshops can cover healing, health, abundance, love or just about any other topic that affects our overall wellbeing.  

Feng Shui is a powerful force that can help you sell your home, find love, attract abundance, aid in healing, remove past residual negative energy, as well as a host of other benefits.

There is no website – Darlene only works in the Calgary and surrounding area.  To obtain more information on how Darlene can help you obtain the most out of life give her a call or send an email.