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Registered and Potential Members are requested to rsvp their attendance.

Potential members are welcome to attend meetings and are asked to honour the red envelope tradition as a drop-in fee until membership has been finalized. The red envelope tradition, including money in a red envelope, signals the completion of an important exchange. Include whatever amount you feel is appropriate for you at that time - remember it's an energy exchange - not a specific amount.

Unless otherwise specified,
Feng Shui Connections meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month

at the Uplands Recreation Centre, 20 Hawkside Road NW, Calgary, AB

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Coffee, tea and a light dessert is served

2016 meeting schedule








January 12, 2016

January Feng Shui Connections Meeting

Year of the Monkey
by Dr. David Lai


February 9, 2016

February Feng Shui Connections Meeting

Presence, Pleasure, Love & Relationships
by Chris Webb


March 8, 2016

March Feng Shui Connections Meeting

Clutter Control: Let’s Get Started
by Kelly Hipkin

Whether it’s your home or your office, clutter creates stuck energy and stuck energy creates a wall that blocks new opportunities. Professional Organizer Kelly Hipkin will help you to define your clutter and shares her professional tips about how to take charge of your clutter.


April 12, 2016

April Feng Shui Connections Meeting

The Power of Essential Oils in Feng Shui
by Caroline Bukarewicz

Feng Shui uses cures to enhance, correct or amplify the Chi in a particular space. Did you know that each area of the Bagua has specific essential oils? Learn how to use essential oils as an added benefit to placing a cure, performing a space clearing, or reinforcing energy.


May 10, 2016

May Feng Shui Connections Meeting

Support your Health with Feng Shui
by Shirley Obrecht

Feng Shui is ONLY about balanced energy. When you balance the energy around you, it balances the energy within you, supporting good health. Special focus will be on exploring ways to maintain personal ‘INNER BALANCE’ and health as our body is the ‘vehicle’ highly impacted by the Universal Life Force every moment of our lives. Learn ‘One Body for Life’ physical, mental and spiritual needs for optimum health!

Feng Shui Connections Members - Have a Great Summer!


September 13, 2016

September Feng Shui Connections Meeting

Loving Your Lungs
by Munira Jiwa

Learn what Qigong exercises and Feng Shui tips can help you strengthen your Lung Energy System. In Chinese Medicine, Autumn is when the Lung Energy is active, and this is a great time to learn how you can prevent symptoms such as colds and flu from bringing you down.


October 11, 2016

October Feng Shui Connections Meeting

Boost Your Inner Chi
and access more abundance and creative power!
by Leigh Ann Betts, Living Abundantly

Pinpoint the area of your life that is draining your energy. Experience one of the quickest ways to positively change your energy with a profound 4 step process that celebrates your successes to amplify your creative power, gratitude, inspiration and love in your life.

Takeaway these tools to reignite the passion, inspiration and excitement to achieve your goals - over and over again!


November 8, 2016

November Feng Shui Connections Meeting

General Discussion
Let’s talk Feng Shui!