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Leigh Ann Betts

Leigh Ann Betts is an Inspirational Leader and Soulful Entrepreneur with a mission to change the world through feminine leadership and entrepreneurship.

With a unique blend of credentials in Business, Feng Shui and Life Coaching, Leigh Ann inspires women with new hope, new skills and new thinking to profoundly transform their lives by becoming powerful creators of a life they love!

An engaging change-maker, Leigh Ann has a passion for teaching about positive mindset and energy tools so women can declutter their lives on a physical, mental and spiritual level to create a clear path to their desired future.

Leigh Ann shares her practical wisdom through one-on-one coaching, masterminds, workshops, speaking engagements and online programs. She is the creator of the popular online home-study program, Declutter Your Life 30 Day Challenge and offers a highly regarded individual coaching program, Design Your Life 90 Day Coaching Program

Leigh Ann is also a Branch Director for Canmore for the national organization called Happy Healthy Women. This community is rooted in happiness, health and success. Happy Healthy Women believe happiness (mindset and spirituality), health (nutrition and fitness) and success (growth and wealth) are part of one full circle. In order to have it all, women need to be fulfilled in all, and everything the Happy Healthy Women collective does reflects this.

To learn more, click here for the facebook page of the Canmore Branch of Happy Healthy Women and click here for the Happy Healthy Women collective website.

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