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This membership level is ideal for someone with a basic knowledge of Feng Shui, who has an interest in the study of Feng Shui for their own personal use.


This membership level is designed for students registered
in a recognized
Feng Shui credential course. Students receive access to support during training and activities designed for continued studies.


Consultants who provide Feng Shui services as a part of their career path, and businesses related to Feng Shui will enjoy the ability to promote their businesses and list upcoming events related to Feng Shui
(speaking engagements, workshops, etc.).

membership types

Feng Shui Connections© membership

Membership is a commitment to the continual study and appreciation of Feng Shui. Qualified Feng Shui Practitioners are varied in their specialties and have a strong resource supporting them with ongoing learning. The enthusiasm and curiosity of Feng Shui Students ensures diverse subject matter. And our General members enjoy friendship and informative discussions.