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Fine Art of IntentionFine Art of Intention

Feng Shui Kits & Consulting

Feng Shui is … balancing energy in your environment to bring about positive changes in your life.  De-cluttering and placement are only part of the process.  The fine art of intention is the key to success.

Terri Perrin, Certified Feng Shui Consultant offers an all-inclusive approach to her in-home consultations and workshops in Calgary and area and on Vancouver Island.  To further enhance her offerings, Terri custom designs special Feng Shui Kits to meet your unique requirements.

Recognizing that "intention" plays a major role in Feng Shui, Terri focuses her Feng Shui teaching on this topic. In her own words:  "If you do not open your hands and heart to help yourself, you cannot give … nor can you receive."