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Consultants are often engaged based on referrals, but in any case, consider the changes that you wish to see and note those goals. When interviewing a Consultant, inquire into their background of study and practice experience.

You should feel comfortable that your goals and expectations are understood, and that the potential Consultant will be able to provide the best consultation for you.  Please note that a Consultant may refer you to another colleague if it is felt that you would be better served. Feng Shui Connections does not assume any responsibility for a Consultant’s practice or methods.

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Imnala Group

Through applying the principles of Feng Shui, bring balance to all aspects of your life and create the right "energy" for you to achieve the life you desire. In today's fast paced culture how do you stay positive and achieve your desires and achieve that all important work/life balance?

Munira Jiwa

“Helping you find balance in your life”

Through practicing the simple technique of Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ), you can help balance your energy in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms. With balanced energy, you can achieve optimal health, peak performance and serenity.

Munira Jiwa

Living Abundantly “Empowering Women Energetically”

Leigh Ann Betts is known as an Empowerment Coach and Energy Mentor. She holds a unique blend of credentials in business and Feng Shui and is soon to be a Certified Coach through the Transform Coaching Academy.

Living Abundantly - Empowering Women Energetically

Dr. David Lai

With more than 40 years of experience, Dr. David Lai is a Traditional Chinese Feng Shui Master specializing in Yuen Hung Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Tze Ping (Four Pillars): Reading, I-Ching, Palm and Face Reading.

Zenaissance Myrna Brown & Associates

Myrna Brown

Discover Your Life Purpose! Are you ready to discover your true life purpose? Do you want to feel energized, joyful and excited each and every day? You can live a more harmonious life with more positive energy. You can experience newfound passion...

Soul Space Feng Shui

Your environment is a direct reflection of your life – good and bad.  So when you want your life to go in a particular direction it is vital that your environment reflect what it is you want. Using the ancient practice of Feng Shui it is possible to balance and harmonize

Soul Space Feng Shui | Darlene Law | Calgary

Soul Life Healing Therapy

Soul Life Healing Therapy offers focused Healing sessions by practitioner Dara Rabel for: Soul Oneness Power (Soul and life healing), Soul Healing for deep emotional release, sleep
issues, pain management, home and environment Feng Shui Healing.

Soul Life Healing Therapy

Nature’s Path Wellness Centre

Shirley Obrecht specializes in Energy Medicine for Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management and Chronic pain.  See testimonials! At Nature’s Path Wellness Centre, Shirley strives to empower clients to achieve optimum wellness – the power to achieve one’s personal best … the highest level of health possible resulting equally from…

Fine Art of Intention

Feng Shui Kits & Consulting

Feng Shui is … balancing energy in your environment to bring about positive changes in your life.  De-cluttering and placement are only part of the process.  The fine art of intention is the key to success. Terri Perrin, Certified Feng Shui Consultant offers . . .

Fine Art of Intention