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Our shared desire to understand and use Feng Shui to positively affect others is contagious and it is a life-long learning experience. During this exciting journey, we benefit tremendously from others’ experiences and the ability to discuss our own questions in a like-minded community.

At our inaugural meeting in February 2008, it was clear that there is a common thread that connects all members - Feng Shui is not black and white and each of us has a lifetime of experiences that can contribute to our understanding and passion for Feng Shui.

Our main objective is to provide a forum for Feng Shui students and practitioners to share ideas and knowledge for the practical application and education of Feng Shui.

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Myrna Brown

Myrna is a Life Purpose Guide and Feng Shui Consultant dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams.  

Her programs and workshops offer assistance and inspiration to those wanting to identify their gifts and for those who seek the support, motivation and confidence to cultivate them into a meaningful part of their lives.

Her Feng Shui specialty dramatically enhances her client’s relationships, careers and wealth by changing the energy in their homes and offices.

Myrna has been a featured speaker and teacher on International Telesummits and Training Challenges sharing her expertise on Life Purpose and Feng Shui.  


A New Way To Feng Shui

Feng Shui Connections members Terri Perrin, Fine Art of Feng Shui and Myrna Brown talk about the Fill a Wealth Vase with Intention workshop – another layer in the Feng Shui world.